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Sep 6, 2012 1:35am EDT
really -- that was right at the end of it. it was the last, i swear to god, the last two day s of my drinking. absolutely. >> so you were going for it. craig: i was getting it done. yeah. [applause] >> well, i will tell her. then i'm going back to budapest. craig: i like budapest. very nice. have you been to that little market on the bridge? >> i've been everywhere. craig: it is great. well, i think we have all learned something. [laughter] go ahead. >> i don't wear these in budapest. i keep these for -- they actually match your carpet. craig: yeah, if you hasn't tucked your trousers into your boots, you would have blended right in. disaster avoided, jeremy. jeremy irons, everybody. we'll be right back. [ stella ] here's me. and here's my depression. before i started taking abilify, i was taking an antidepressant alone. most days i could get out from under and carry on. but other days i still struggled with my depression. i was handling it... but sometimes it still dragged me down. i'd been feeling stuck for a long time. so i talked to my doctor and she added abilify to my antidepres
Sep 13, 2012 11:00pm EDT
take my son 's life. and you feel so helpless. how can they stop this. what can i do? >> reporter: wolfe was a marijuana dealer. the jury found him guilty of hiring owen barber to kill daniel petrole. >> he is a person who is able to manipulate. >> reporter: but in 2005, barber recanted his testimony and said wolfe had nothing to do with the murder. in 2010, barber testified in federal court that he implicated wolfe to avoid the death penalty. the judge overturned wolfe's conviction finding that prosecutors allowed barber to give false testimony. >> my son should not be dying for selling marijuana. >> reporter: last month the state lost again when a federal appeals court refused to reinstate the murder conviction and death sentence. tomorrow at justin wolfe's bond hearing, his attorney will ask the judge to set him free. >> if i don't hold on to the hope, then i don't have anything. so i'm just going to continue to hope and believe that justice will finally be served and we'll finally get justin home. >> reporter: terry steinberg is hoping the new prosecutor appointed to the case
Sep 12, 2012 1:35am EDT
gone today out of respect for 9/11's anniversary. both president obama and mitt romney agreed to that. you say you saw some on tv anyway. those were mounted by the packs which did not suspend the nastiness. perhaps next time. >>> 78 today. a fantastic day. here is the wakeup weather. grab a sweater. make sure the kids have a sweater at the bus stop. 49-59 at 5:00. 48-58 an 7:00. back in the mid 60s by 9:00. we'll come back and let you know the temperatures and we have some changes for the weekend forecast. >>> well, everywhere you go, everyone is talking to honey boo boo and her red neck family, but why would we watch such craziness. and tonight let's be real. >>> you know how some people struggle with their weight while others don't seem to. tonight they say it could have something to do with bacteria in the body. we're going to >>> new tonight at 11:00, here is a str re you'll want to make -- story you want to make sure the kids are asleep for. take a look at this woman. today she pleads got fill tee to killing a man -- guilty to killing a man with a silicone injection that he hoped
Sep 11, 2012 1:35am EDT
with ball s of vinck string. craig: you seem to have studied these creatures. do you cats? >> no, not anymore. i did. craig: you killed your cat? what happened? >> i ate it. no. craig: did your cat shuffle along? >> you know what? someone actually took my cat. this is not really that poignant. craig: stole it? >> yeah, his name was jango. he was like a little baby mountain lion. craig: how awful! >> i think he thought he was a super hero. he used to take off at night. the only thing he was missing was a cape. somebody thought he was amazing and so they took him. give him back! craig: i heard that also happened to a rhino recently as well. >> where is the rhino. oh, hello. i like your menagerie. i'm very envious. i like to throw in a petting zoo in my contracts. i like little animals. craig: have you ever ridden horses? >> yes. craig: do you have horse with you? >> look at that one. craig: you put the music on the horse. watch this. >> what happens? [creepy music] [laughter] craig: all right. that's enough. that's enough. i didn't want to scare you but as you can see, it is not re
Sep 5, 2012 1:35am EDT
university. >> you walk on the stage and there are thousand s of kids and all you to do is say crikey the gators and they will love you forever. that's all you need to do. [applause] kathy, we're out of time. we're out of time. >> i will try do powwow justice. craig: i know you'll have a good time. >> called strike dwri gators. craig: it is a slang word. >> here's my genitals. craig: we're out of time. but i got you a shiny red apple. >> thank you! [laughter] [applause] craig: we'll be right back, everybody. [ berman ] one appetizer and two entrees for 20 bucks is a crazy deal! and the competition to make the menu is crazy fierce! you can taste the tension in the room. how did you get in here? [ berman ] new southwest flavors now part of applebee's 2 for $20. see you tomorrow. after a long day at work, there's nothing better than an evening with netflix and a cold drink. netflix is an incredible service that lets you watch as many tv episodes and movies as you want instantly. you watch on your tv through a game console or other devices connected to the internet. wow, that's fast. [ sp
Sep 2, 2012 1:35am EDT
, look at this terrific catch in the end zone. the first of 8 t.d.'s of the day for the mountaineers. they outscored marshal. penn state playing their first game since penalties levied against the program. facing ohio with three minutes to go, bobcats get this touchdown. tyler to foster. that was the game winner. ohio beats penn state 24-14. matt barkley and third ranked southern cal hosting hawaii. first play from scrimmage. lee makes a move and see you. 75 yard touchdown. that was the beginning of a route. trojans win big 41-10. once the nationals shut down stephen strasburg, it will shift to the starting rotation and how well, they can carry the load without their ace. hopefully zimmerman will return to form. in his first three starts 0 and 3 with an era near 8. today against the cardinals he got roughed up again. we start in the 6th. zimmerman with a base hit. that scores jason weather. [ jason wert. that gives the nats a 9-8 lead. david frees delivers the base hit. that scores allen craig with the go ahead run. cards beat the nats 12-9 and zimmerman allows 8 earned runs in just
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9 (some duplicates have been removed)